Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Stench of AT&T and Other Multinational Corporations.

When I checked my phone/internet bill this month from AT&T, I was so angry that my chest started to tighten, and my veins started to swell up. My bill is normally $57, but for some reason the company decided to raise it to $90 this month. This really makes me angry. I get really sick and tired of these corporations and their stupid trash.

They think just because they have billions of dollars they can do whatever they want. They think we "must" have their services, and can't live without it. Why my bill is so high I don't known as of this writing. The billion department is closed until later on today. What I do know is that corporations like AT&T and Microsoft are nothing but pieces of trash. They conspire against their customers, and charge them outrageous fees.

Even worse, these corporations want to have absolute control over the internet. AT&T CEO Edward Whitacre said last year at an expo that the internet should "only be for the rich." Bill Gates has stated that people need to be charged money to send out emails. If this makes you angry, it should. It should make you angry because rich old men who have more money than they will ever need are trying to control everyone below them.

It is not enough that these people have billions of dollars. They want absolute control over my life and yours. The internet is the greatest threat to their power. Ideas and information move at the speed of light, and they can't stand it. I've made up my mind that in May I will cancel this service and swtich to a smaller company which is not a monopoly. One that doesn't suddenly increase your bill for no reason.

I have boycotted many large companies, and Walmart is included on this list. I suggest you do the same. None of these companies have your best interests in mind. You are a number to them, as slave. They are vampires, and will suck the financial life blood from your veins. Once they are done they will leave you destitute and poor, a slave to debt. The outsource jobs to third world countries, and enslave the people who live there. They then turn around and take away the jobs of you and I and sell us their goods for outrageous prices.

Even worse, they lobby our government officials to pass laws which are favorable to them. This is a classic example of fascism. We need to fight back. You can start by boycotting large companies and supporting small businesses by shopping at their stores. You can fight by canceling your bills, and switching to a cheaper service. Don't let corporations suck you dry.

AT&T has won the battle, but they will not win the war. I titled this blog entry "the stench of AT&T and other Multinational Corporations" because that all have a stench which is very difficult to bear.


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