Monday, March 13, 2006

Is a Problem Reaction Solution At Work Over The Shoshone Land Dispute?

I've heard about it a few times on the news, and I've decided to post an article in my blog about it. A dispute is currently taking place between the Shoshone Indian tribe and the United States government. At first glance many people assume that the result of this dispute is a victory, but upon careful observation it seems apparent that a problem reaction solution is at work.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a problem reaction solution is, it is simply a situation in which a certain party creates a problem, and then offers a prepackaged solution which suits their aims. The culprits in this dispute are not the Shoshone people, but rather the US government and the United Nations. The United Nations ruled that the US government was guilty of violating international anti-discrimination laws with regard to the Shoshone people. The US government claims they own the land on which the Shoshone lives, and has offered them money numerous times, which they have refused.

The Shoshone were so angry about this situation, that they took the dispute to the United Nations, which ruled in their favor. While the average activist sees this a being a major victory, others see it as a false fight between the UN and the US government, and false fight which sets up a precedent where the UN exercises power over the US government.

For those of you who have read this far, but still don't understand what I mean, keep reading. It is no secret that the UN is a tool the globalists use to push for world government. Their ultimate goal is to transfer power from the US government into the hands of the UN. Agents in our government are hard at work on this right now. If they get what they want, not only will the Shoshone lose their land, but so wil the rest of Americans.

Think about it. The Supreme court ruled last year for Eminent Domain, and now corporations can force you to sell your home so that they can build a casino or resort, and complete violation of the Constitution. Bush recently pushed for a plan to sell our ports to Dubai, and despite the claims that they backed down, Dubai is STILL the owner of the six port, but have tranferred power over to an American subsidiary, as was recently reported in Forbes.

In the late 1990s, Bill Clinton turned over the largest deep water port in southern California to China. Add to this the situation with the Shoshone Indian tribe, and you have overwhelming evidence that elements of the US government are attempting to turn over the land and other natural resources to large corporations, and they are using the UN as a tool.

This tells me that the fight between the UN and US government over the Shoshone land is staged, and they have succeeded, not in taking the land outright, but setting up a precedent which will allow the UN to get involved in the affairs of the US government in the future. Unless all Americans, including the Shoshone, fight back against this, the land of everyone in this country will be turned over to large governments and corporations.

Many people say the situation with the Shoshone is a victory. But it isn't really a victory for the Shoshone. It is a victory for the US government and the UN, who staged the fight so they could edge ever closer to their ultimate goals of a one world government.


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