Monday, February 27, 2006

Analysis of Bush UAE Port Deal

Last week I almost laughed when I watched the news and found out that George W. Bush wants to turn over our ports to a Arab run company. I was slightly surprised. But I shouldn't have been.

This latest episode from Bush has been going on for quite some time. Bill Clinton allowed the largest US port in southern California to be handed over to the Chinese in the late 1990s. Now Bush wants to do the same. The plan of the globalists is to hand over the infrastructure and resources of the US to large corporations.

There is a name which is used to describe the UAE port deal that Bush is pushing for. It can be described using one word. That word is "fascism." When large corporations dictate government policy. This is exactly the situation we see right now. A blatant display of fascism by our own president. But then again, Bush has handed so much power to corporations since he entered the white house that Americans shouldn't be surprised by this news.

In reality, Americans are being distracted from more important issues. The issue with Iran is far from over, and China is a much larger threat than the United Arab Emirates will ever be. Americans should be outraged over the situation which occured in southern California, but you hear nothing about this on the news.

Even more, the shipments coming into the US via these ports are not being thoroughly expect, which sets up the stage for weapons or other dangrous items to be shipped into the country.

When I talk to some Americans about this, they tell me I'm racist against the Arabs and that Bush wants to better the relations. I always tell them that they are being brainwashed. If the Bush administration wanted to "better the relations" in the Middle East, why are they planning on bombing Iran which would cause a complete collapse in relations between the US and Middle East?

Doesn't make much sense, unless you understand that Bush and his father stand to gain millions from the port deal. Why else would he push for it. I can't confirm it, but no doubt the Carlyle Group has their hands in this . I know they have a foothold in Saudi Arabia, and may have influence in United Arab Emirates as well. If this is the case, this entire port deal makes perfect sense.


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