Monday, March 06, 2006

Why The "War on Drugs" is Failing.

Can you guess what the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" have in common? The answer is easy. They are both escalating around the world, and in the US as well. Our government is not winning either of these wars, and they do not wish to win them. The reason for this is because the government started these wars in the first place.

Problem Reaction Solution is a phrase you must understand. It is defined as someone creating a problem, then offering a solution which suits their goals, a solution which they had set up to began with. This is how our government operates today. They create all sorts of problems, with the intention of offering their prepackaged solution.

Drug use is increasing at an alarming rate in the US. Every time I watch an episode of "Cops," someone is getting arrested by the police for having marijuana or other drugs on them. The United Nations reported that the global drug trade earns 300 billion dollars each year, much more than any corporation. What is really troubling about this statistic is that elements of the US government are heavily involved in the shipment of these drugs into the US.

Gary Webb, an investigative journalist, exposed the corruption of the CIA and how they were using cartels in Central America to distribute cocaine into Los Angeles. Cele Castillo, a former high ranking member of the DEA, also recently interviewed Alex Jones about the drug trade, and how drugs are carried into the US by our government.

But I know what some of you reading this are thinking. You are saying to yourself that the government and police make drug busts all the time, and appear to be doing their job. If you are thinking this, you need to realize that the world isn't as black and white as some people would have you believe. Yes, police do bust drug dealers, and cartels are sometimes brought down to.

However, the "real" reason street drug dealers are arrested and thrown in prison is because the government aren't getting paid a cut of the profits. What, did you actually think your government arrested drug dealers because they care about the community? Far from it. The government wants a piece of the global drug trade, and they have a bigger piece than any drug dealer on the planet.

The cartels are put in power by the government to produce the drugs, and these cartels must pay a cut to the CIA or the DEA. If they don't, you'll hear on the news that a cartel just got busted. It is the same as prostitution. The real reason prostitutes are arrested is not because they are immoral, but because they are making money under the table and are not paying taxes. Don't believe me? Look in the phone book of any major city and you will find high priced escort agencies. The only reason they aren't busted is because they pay their taxes.

The sad thing is, when you or your child get caught with drugs, you go to prison, while the people who built the prisons are the same people who bought the drugs into the country to begin with. Then you or your child are forced to build widgets for 20 cents an hour, competing with other Americans and costing them jobs.

The solution to this problem is simple. The answer is a complete legalization of all drugs. You may be reading this and think I'm crazy, but listen to my point. If drugs are legalized, that means the 300 billion dollar drug trade crashes under its own weight. I've never done any type of drugs in my life, but I believe if someone wants to take crack and kill themselves, let them.

Its better than the alternative. An alternative where the government cracks down on us all and works towards their goals of creating a police state, a prepackaged solution they have planned. When they say they are fighting a war on terror, expect more terror. When they say they are fighting a way on drugs, expect more drugs. This is the nature of the global elite, because they are the people who cause the problems in the first place.

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