Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Iraq Heads Into A "Staged" Civil War.

In a few weeks it will be three years. Three years since the US invaded Iraq to bring them "democracy" and oust Saddam. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in college at the time. It was all over the news and everyone was talking about it.

I remember a discussion which will forever reside in my mind. My history instructor wanted the class to discuss the war and their thoughts on it. I raised my hand and explained that Iraq would turn into another Vietnam, another pointless quagmire which will have no real effect on the average American in a positive way. As I expected, I was criticized by other students in the class, who felt I should support my country.

The fact of the matter is, I DO support my country. But I DON'T support a government which invades a country on false pretenses and slaughters innocent people. But even in 2003 I didn't know what I know now. Even then I didn't understand the true nature of the war.

But now I do. The war in Iraq is more than just a war for oil. It isn't that simple. It is war for global dominance. The plan for the US military was never to "free" the Iraqi people from Saddam or weapons of mass destruction. It was about dividing up the country into two factions, and getting them to slaughter each other.

Divide and conquer. It is the oldest trick in the book. Under P2OG elements of the US government made it clear that this was the plan. Turn the Middle East into the Balkans, and then use it as a launch pad to invade Iran and other nations. Many of the killing and bombings which are taking place in Iraq are not the work of insurgents, but undercover intelligence agencies. Last year British SAS officers were caught dressed up like Arabs shooting police.

Americans have been duped once again. How long will we allow corrupt rich men to get into the white house and get us involved in these charades? When will Americans stand up? The globalists are pushing forward with their plan, doing exactly what they set out to do. Their goal is world domination, and once they have people fighting with each other, it will be easier to accomplish than ever


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Hey do you have any information/sources on the British SAS officers posing as insurgents? I have heard about that, but I have yet to see anything other than hearsay. Check out my blog, too!

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