Thursday, March 09, 2006

The "Staged" Decline of Education In America

Americans are having a much harder time paying for education, and this trend doesn't appear to have an end in site. It was recently on the news that George W. Bush has just signed a bill increasing the amount of interest that will be paid on student loans. At the same time, he will reduce the amount of money available for grants.

It seems that in the future middle class Americans will have a harder time sending their children to college. If the current trend continues, the only way you will be able to go to school is by taking on enormous amounts of debt. With the rise of outsourcing, there is no guarantee that the job you are looking for will be available once you graduate.

This isn't an analogy. I've seen many engineers who went to school for many year, only to graduate and find that very few jobs were available. Many of these graduates owe tens of thousands in student loans, and will have to struggle working menial jobs to pay the off. But with the increase of both legal and illegal immigration in the United States, few employers will pay somone with advanced degrees large amounts of money when they can pay immigrants low wages. Because of this, many graduates are now being told that they are "overqualified," and can't even get a job at Walmart or Mcdonalds.

Despite this, I will list some things here you as a reader can do to help your children get an education without taking on a large amount of debt. No matter what the globalists do, there are ways to beat them:

1. Avoid going for degrees in fields that can easily be outsourced. Programming, Engineering, and IT jobs are being outsourced to India and China in record numbers. Getting a degree in this field could be career suicide. Jobs such as paralegals and medical jobs will stay in the US, and they will continue to grow for the next 10 years.

2. If you are a new parent, open up an IRA account for your child as soon as possible. You can place money in it, and the IRS can't tax it until the income is realized. Place as much money as you can in it on a monthly basis from the time the child is an infant until they are 18 years of age.

3.Send your children to private schools, or homeschool them. Avoid public schools at all costs. The government is not teaching children properly in the public school system, and they are consistently being "dumbed down." Statistics show that homeschooled kids make much higher scores than children trained in public schools on standardized tests.

3. Avoid student loans at all costs. They will take you years to pay off, and there is not guarantee you will get the dream job you want when you graduate from college. Remember, if you owe $20,000 on a student loan, you will have to pay it off before you can really begin earning money.

4. Consider being self employed. Starting your own business is a great way to be independent. You don't have to worry about competing for jobs with people living in third world countries, or illegal immigrants living in the US. You make your own hours, and you answer only to yourself.

These are a few of the tips I have. Learn how to think outside the box. A degree and education aren't the same things, though this is what the establishment would have you believe. You need to gain knowledge and education, but shouldn't have to go into debt to do so.


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