Thursday, March 02, 2006

As America Falls, India Rises

I watched a special today on Good Morning America about the rise of India, and how the country is becoming a global player in the world economy. As I watched the special, I found myself getting angry. I wasn't angry at the people of India. I wasn't angry about their success. But I'am angry at my government, and how the mass media portrays the whole thing.

Good Morning America tried to put a spin on the rise of India, and worked hard to convince Americans that outsourcing is beneficial, not harmful. They showed video clips of Indians answering phone calls and helping people in Texas pay their credit card bills. They showed Indian children playing happily in the street, and talked about how fast the Indian economy was rising.

But what Good Morning America "forgot" to mention was how at the same time India is rising, America is falling. Millions of Americans can't afford healthcare. Even more can't afford to go to college. Even those who graduate with technical degrees like engineering are finding that they are "over qualified", and are not able to find work at even menial jobs.

Despite what the so called "economic experts" may tell you, outsourcing DOES NOT, help the US economy, and it wasn't designed to. When high tech jobs go overseas, research and development goes overseas also. Once a country gets its hands on research and development, innovation is always quick to follow. Since India has many of the technical jobs, we can expect that innovation will be made in India, not America.

But there is an even bigger problem with outsourcing, something that corporate executives are too shortsighted to see. Once Indian understand how to build their own technology, why should they continue purchasing American made goods from American corporations? They will begin building their own companies with their own brands. And Indian people will choose these brands over American brands in general.

This means US companies which choose to outsource are slowly killing themselves with poison. Just like Japanese car companies have completely surpassed American car companies in sells, eventually Indian companies will also surpass the US with their brands. Once this happens, American corporations will crash and burn.

They will have to lay off more of their workers, which they've done in excess as of late. American won't be able to find jobs, because everything will be made in foreign countries, while these same countries which export to the US will not use American brands. This is what is destroying America. This is why the country will fall.

American will not fall through a invasion. America is going to fall economically. The stage has already been set. It is for that reason when I see a special on TV telling us about the rise of India, it makes me angry. Because America is being set up to fall by American corporations and our own government, and few Americans notice.


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