Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why You Should Fight For The Internet

For many years, the government has been able to control people by controlling the flow of information. Everything that comes on television has been screened by the government and mass media to block anything of value from reaching the audience. By controlling what information reaches the people, the government effective creates the reality THEY want the people to see.

This is called mind control, and those who are familiar with the Matrix movies should understand what I'm talking about. The world we live in today parallels that of the world seen in Matrix, and is one of the reasons why the movie is so popular. The real reason why the Matrix became a box office hit is because it touches something deep inside the souls of every person who views the movie.

On a subconcious level, everyone knows the government is corrupt, and wishes to control us. Polls taken have demonstrated that at least 50% of New Yorkers believe 911 was an inside job. Over 80% of Americans believe John F. Kennedy was assassinated not by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone, but was murdered by a vast conspiracy.

Despite this, never before in history has information been able to travel as fast as it moves today. The internet has become the 21st century version of the printing press which was invented by Johann Gutenberg centuries ago. It is changing the way we communicate, spread ideas, and earn money for our families. In a nutshell, it is the beginning of the second great Renaissance, the Enlightenment.

Yet, there are forces at work which will stop at nothing to control this technological marvel. The CEO of AT&T, Edward Whitacre, believes the internet should only be available for the wealthy. Donald Rumsfeld has laid down plans to "fight the net" in the now declassified document known as Information Operations Roadmap. To read this document, click on this link or past it into the URL of your browser:

The Information Operations Roadmap should concern anyone who uses the internet as a true democratic tool to spread information. Government and large corporations hate the internet because it has taken away the control over information that they have had for many years. They want that control back, and will do anything to get it. Rusmfeld claims that the Pentagon will "attack" hostile computer networks, and they aren't talking about China or terrorists.

They are talking about Americans who choose to build websites and blogs like this which expose their corruption. CEOs like Bill Gates have proposed plans to charge people to send out emails, and their has been talks of the UN taxing domains and regulating the net. If this makes you angry, it should. The government and UN are our enemies, and have always been.

But as the old saying goes, "technology allows man to control everything but technology." So the arms race has begun. One thing is for sure. Truth and justice will ultimately prevail over corruption and lies. It is up to us, the people, to united together and stand up against our corrupt government, and rich powerful men who seek to enslave us. For too long have the elites kept the masses divided, keeping them in constant battle with each other.

With the power of the internet, the masses have banned together, and have created a haven where information can flow freely without the tight crip of corporations, a place where a "true free market" exists, once in which money can be made, and businesses can be started, without the greed of large government and corporations making it impossible for anyone to thrive, except the rich. Do everything in your power to FIGHT FOR THE NET!


Blogger MurK LurKeR said...

Totally agree, the wheels are in motion, thumb scanning keyboards for internet access, Linux will have to be crushed (check out embedded DRM motherboards)

A mailling list perhaps for developments on interenet control so as we can properly oppose them would be cool.... (I may well work on that)


1:41 AM  
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