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Muslims Riot Over Cartoon of Muhammad: They are being fooled by the Globalists

Just about everyone has heard about the violence sparked in the middle east and elsewhere over the cartoon of the prophet Muhammad which was shown in a Danish Newspaper. Here at the Conspiracy Zone I want to explain why this is a divide and conquer tactic used by the globalists to worsen relations between the West and Middle East.

It is the oldest trick in the book. Get people of different ethnic groups fighting with each other so that you can conquer them both. The Muslims who reacted violently to the cartoon of Muhammad have been duped. So have many people in the US and Europe.

Both sides are being played like a fiddle by the elite. The Muslims were expected to react violently to the cartoon, and they did. This has allowed people in the US and Europe to be able to say that Muslims are insane and dangerous.

This will allow less restraint in allowing the Bush administration to push forward with their attack on Iran, a move which could turn into a disaster. Both westerners and muslims are being fooled by this whole situation.

Then the mainstream news stations add fuel to the fire, talking about the issue and demonizing the Muslims for the way they have reacted. When you talk to most American, they point the finger at the Muslims.

When you talk to most muslims, they point the finger at the West. But what neither realize is that the problem is being instigated by the globalists, a group of people who hide in the shadows and cause so much chaos and misery in the world. Only after understanding this will both sides be able to live in peace.

If the Muslims had reacted to the cartoon in a peaceful manner, the elite would not have got what they wanted. They should have responded the way Martin Luther King, or Gandhi would have responded. Instead, they caused riots, they have given the elite exactly what they want.


Blogger CK said...

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. The peasantry that is the present day Muslim populace does not think for itself. They are mostly,uneducated, Islamic indoctrinated, one view, period. That is why there is a fascistic black hole developing amongst them. This is similar to Stalin's Russia, the Emperor's Japan, or Mao's China. Engagement is imperative and that part of the world needs to be opened up or there will be certain destruction. Who are the "Globalists" that you refer to? Do they have names or are they a non-indentifiable "shadow group" cooked up in a febrile, paranoic soup kettle? And what does one really do when a country like Iran says that Israel must be destroyed and that the world should get used to the ideas of a globe without the United States? Japan and Germany needed to be broken in order to be restarted as world citizens.

7:25 AM  
Blogger transduction said...

Just because a country makes a threat does not mean they will act on it. This is the typical response I get from people who support attacking Iran.

Last year a Chinese general said that they would "nuke the US" if we interfered in a conflict between China and Taiwan, yet I don't hear Bush talking about attacking China. North Korea has made similar threats, and our president and his administration do nothing.

As far as the Muslime world goes, why is it any of our business what they choose to do? Did not George Washington warn Americans to "stay out of foreign conflicts?" Did not Dwight D Eisenhower warn Americans of the Military Industrial Complex?

The United States needs to take care of the United States. We have enough people in our own country who are not educated to worry about the affairs of the Middle East.

As far as the identities of the globalists, at the lowest level its many of our prominent politicians, bankers, and corporate executives. Queen Beatrix, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George W. Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld are members.

At the highest levels I don't know their identities, because they hide in the shadows, like any intelligent enemy does. Why let the world know your identity when you can hid in the shadows?

9:59 PM  

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