Sunday, January 29, 2006

The US Military is Arresting Women In Iraq Because Their Husbands "May" Be Insurgents?

The latest news this week that US military authorities in Iraq are arresting Iraqi women and imprisoning them shouldn't surprise anyone. The idea is that the women's husbands "might" be insurgents. What the news forgot to tell you is that not only are they imprisoning Iraqi women, but they are torturing them and their children also. But most Americans will never know this.

This is coming from a government who supposedly says it wants to bring "freedom" and "democracy" to Iraq. How do you bring democracy to a country by imprisoning their citizens when they're not guilty? What is democratic about that?

The answer is that the US has no plans of bringing freedom to Iraq. The news revealed this week is only the tip of the iceberg. Torture in Iraq is rampant, as the Abu Ghraib scandal shows us. This is something that should make every American outraged and we should be demanding from our government why this practice continues.

But most Americans either not listening or simply don't care. American Idol is coming on tv tonight, and they don't have time to worry about the suffering that their own military is inflicting on people in another country. Even worse, many people believe it is a great thing to do.

Those who believe these things are too stupid to realize that a government who does this to the citizens of another country will do that here in American to all citizens. People have forgot about history. People have forgot about how the government placed Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War 2 and how the supreme court once ruled that Blacks weren't human.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people forget history. But one thing I've learned is history almost always repeat itself, and the same people who allowed Americans to be hurt then are still in power today. Most people aren't going to figure it out until its too late.


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