Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Are Governments Searching For Subversives Through School Exams?

Paul Joseph Watson | January 23 2006

According to the Resistance Blog, A-level students (16-18) in Britain are being asked questions about alternative 9/11 beliefs, conspiracy theories and how much faith they have in government.

Is this part of a vetting process to try and identify the next generation of political dissidents or is it simply an assessment of how deep the alternative truth movement has penetrated the mass collective unconscious?

The exam took place in West Yorkshire England and in the first question, the student was asked to discuss the possibility of governments leading populations into believing facts that are not necessarily true. The source given was an individual who presented an alternative explanation behind 9/11.

Other questions centered around how much the student trusted Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

After the exam ended, the student was taken aside by the head of the exam board and asked if he she had spoken about the content with any other students (who as it turned out had taken a different exam with different questions). Upon denial, the student was told that if she kept it quiet then the exam board would look favorably upon her and give her a good grade.

Late last month we highlighted a case in Washington State where 10th grade students were given 'patriotism tests' that evaluated their faith in the state.

Why are education boards choosing this material? Are they taking orders from a fearful establishment who are keen to measure how far alternative perspectives on modern day events and how they affect the balance between the citizen and the state have perforated societal norms?

In any case, the very fact that such material finds its way into school exams is a good indication of how much reach and influence the alternative media now enjoys in popular culture.


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