Thursday, January 05, 2006

Microsoft Helps China Police The Net

I woke up today and read on the news that Microsoft has helped China police the internet by removing a blog by a Chinese student named Zhao Jing. What is really amazing is that the site itself is hosted in the US. Why a site hosted in the US is obeying Chinese law hasn't yet been explained by Microsoft as of this writing.

And the answer is because Microsoft has no tangible explanation. But we here at the Conspiracy Zone do have a explanation. The answer is Microsoft is not a company which cares about democracy or freedom of speech. Microsoft is a company which cares about profits, no matter what the cost.

Microsoft claims that its policy is to follow local laws. I guess that means laws which allow a repressive communist government to regulate and control its people. A government which, a few weeks ago, slaughtered an entire village of people just so it could take their land.

Yes, this is the type of local laws Microsoft submits to. And yet, this is the same company where millions of Americans are going to go out and buy a new Xbox 360 from. This is also the same company where millions of Americans will soon be buying the Windows Vista operating system from.

Microsoft is a company concerned with greed and not human rights. But it is beyond just greed. Microsoft and its founders are members of organizations like the Bilderberg Group which not only seek wealth and power, but want full control over the entire world.

They use their power and influence in order to help non democratic countries repress and hurt their people. In the long run, this will have detrimental effects on the world as we know it. My best advice to everyone is to boycott Microsoft as much as possible and don't buy their products!


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