Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why Bombing Iran Could Set The Stage For World War 3

Recently I carried an article here on the Conspiracy Zone about Iran's response to threats from the US and Israel that they would begin a bombing campaign this year. Iran has threatened a "crushing response" if they are attacked.

In this article I wanted to explain why the bombing of Iran could set the stage for World War 3 in the near future. Based on the detailed studies I've done on history and current events, all the evidence shows that the stage is being set for another great war.

The reason for the US wanting to bomb Iran is supposedly due to their ability to produce nuclear weapons. These are the same people that said Saddam had WMDs and could kill us with a massive terrorist attack. As usual these claims are spins are just plain lies.

All the intelligence shows that Iran won't have the capability of producing a nuke for at least nine or ten years. The real reason for the US and Israel attacking Iran is because Iran is a rogue government which is not under direct control of the globalists.

The globalists want to use the US as a pawn in order to start a war with Iran. But there is a problem for the US. Russia and China in the last year have conducted joint military exercises with each other and have vowed in 2006 to strengthen their ties both culturally and economically.

The real reason China and Russia are working together is because the US has established a military presence in Central Asia which they consider to be a threat.

Russia has begin selling uranium/plutonium to Iran which will give them the ability of producing a nuclear weapon. This can only mean one thing. The globalists are prepared to bring about another world war that the US may not be able to win.

With the weak results of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the US is losing support with its allies. Most foreign nations which at the beginning of the second Iraq War supported the US have now pulled out their troops. This means if a conflict breaks out between the US, Russia, China, and Iran, the EU and other nations may be reluctant to intervene.

The danger is clear. The US is being set up for a major fall and many of its citizens are not even aware of it. It is up to us to make everyone aware of this pending disaster. Another world war will give the UN and globalists an excuse to push harder for a one world government.


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