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The Conspiracy of Intelligent Design Versus Evolution

The new year has begun and I wanted to start things off by writing about a topic that has recently been at the center of a serious debate here in the US. This debate is about Intelligent Design and how it should be taught in schools along with and as an alternative to Evolution.

To anyone who is familiar with the workings and plans of the globalists/Illuminati, this is a clear strategy by them in order to "dumb down" the population by weakening science in the US and pushing theories which are not scientific.

Intelligent Design is merely a scientific sounding word which has the same meaning as creationism. One of the first things any scientist learns in school is that if something "cannot be proven or more importanly disproven", it is not scientific. It must be able to be measured in some way.

During World War 2, the Nazi government called in nearly 100 scientists to refute Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein is reported to have said "It doesn't take 100 scientists to refute my theory. It only takes one fact."

Proponents of Intelligent Design have no way of measuring or disproving their own theory. They have no facts which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their theory is true. Therefore it is not scientific and should not be taught in schools. This doesn't mean Intelligent Design isn't true. It just means it hasn't been proven and therefore is not scientific

While Evolution, like any theory, has its problems, it has been verified time and again that the theory is factual and valid. Many religious people believe Charles Darwin said humans "descended from the apes."

According to Ph.D Michio Kaku, Darwin never said this. He said that humans descended from an ancestor that shared a genetic link or trait with ape like species. It is not exactly the same thing.

But the more important questions that has to be asked is why is this debate being brought up here in the US? Why aren't other countries debating about this issue? In Europe even the common uneducated person believes in Evolution.

The answer is clear. The debate between Intelligent Design versus Evolution is a false debate funded by large corporate interests in order to further dumb down the population. George W. Bush and his administration have greatly hurt the scientific community since taking office in the year 2000.

Despite the great promises offered by stem cell research, the Bush admin has all but outlawed it, forcing American scientists to relocate in Europe and Asia, creating a "brain drain" out of the US. The plan of the globalists is to block any technology which could be used to help people or prolong their lifespan. Remember in the Global 2000 plan the globalists want to reduce the world's population. Allowing technology like stem cells to be promoted won't allow them to easily achieve this goal.

This is not an accident. The globalists want to destroy the US, and the best way to do this is to destroy the educational system and dumb down the population, which is successfully being done in many cases.

In order for the US to remain a technological super power, we need to stop allowing our religious believe to interfere with our scientific advancement.


Blogger BigDaddyWunsch said...

This is obviously an attempt of counter-intelligence or misinformation. The exact opposite is the truth. Evolution is being pushed by the government and the NWO not Intelligent Design. The NWO is trying everything they can to destroy any hint of the Lord Almighty and faith in Him in the US. The very people that teach what is in this article are the ones trying to "dumb down" Americans into thinking rubbish like Macro-Evolution is real. There is absolutely no verifiable evidence that proves Macro-Evolution is real. One would do a lot better believing in Creationism or Intelligent Design since there is so much more evidence that supports that rather than Macro-Evolution.

8:42 PM  
Blogger The Executive said...

Both of you are tragically misinformed.

If their agenda was to dumb down the population, why would they choose Evolution?! It is a very complex system that most people can't grasp... which is why hillbillies the world over latch onto it.

What it comes down to is... I hate to say it, but the world is filled with simple-minded, misinformed people who are simply frustrated that they can't understand Evolution. For those of us who actually read, Evolution makes plenty of sense, and it fits in line perfectly with day-to-day life.

The theory (theory, by definition here, meaning the explanation of the process, NOT a guess) of Evolution has withstood over 150 years of peer-review, and has yet to be disproved. Just look at all the transitional forms that've been discovered.

If Evolution didn't contradict your Bible, you'd have no problem with it. But of course, IT'S SOME KIND OF SATANIC CONSPIRACY!!!

5:22 PM  

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