Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Authorized NSA To Spy On Americans: Further Evidence of A Country In Decline.

The recent revelations made this past weekend that the Bush administration authorized spying on Americans by the NSA is just one more reason why the United States is in gradual decline. Our government is run by individuals who, while keeping their information secret from Americans, are in a rush to covertly spy on Americans. In other words, most Americans know nothing about their government. But our government knows everything about us.

This sets the stage for tyranny and fascism. The revelations made this weekend should frighten all Americans who value freedom and basic human rights. If you are not concerned, you do not understand the severity of the situation.

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the US Constitution understands that this is a violation of the fourth amendment, which restricts Americans from being subjected to unjust searches and seizures. This includes covert spying on us by our govenment.

The news this weekend is really nothing new. Skillful investigative journalists have known for years that the government was spying on Americans. Cell phones, email, and all other forms of communications are easily watched by the National Security Agency.

The thing about this whole situation that angers me is that when the government finally comes out and admits what they're doing, they put a big spin on it and say that it was used to "protect the freedoms of Americans" and to "prevent terrorist attacks."

This is a classic example of giving up freedoms for security. It doesn't work and never has. Americans will simply find more of their freedoms disappearing. We have a government who has lots of information that is classified and is restricted access but yet, they are allowed to get whatever information they want on us.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez says that "war powers give Bush the right to allow domestic spying." This is ridiculous. Now they are using the war as an excuse to spy one us.

Americans better wake up and realize our government has been hijacked by maniacs, and the ultimate objective is to destroy this country in order to bring in world government.


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