Monday, December 12, 2005

Xbox 360: Why you should avoid buying it at retail value.

In late November, Microsoft released its second generation console known as Xbox 360. The video game system retails for around $599.00 and received record pre-orders prior to its release. Many people were brainwashed into running out and buying the console, and some even stood in long lines, getting into fights when the stores ran out.

We here at the Conspiracy Zone believe you should avoid buying the system at all costs, at the very most purchasing it at wholesale value. Why? Because Microsoft is a global multinational corporation who had the Xbox 360s cheaply manufactured in a country that is undemocratic and who has antagonistic feelings toward the US.

The name of that country is China. China has the worst record of human rights abuses known to the world, and it was recently in the mainstream news that the country sells the organs of executed prisoners to western countries. The Chinese government also has full control over the internet, not allowing any websites(like this) to be built which criticizes their government.

Yet despite this, Microsoft gladly runs overseas to have their video game console cheaply manufactured in this country and then sold to Americans for outrageous prices. This is a slap in the face to Americans who value liberty and freedom.

Yet most Americans have no idea that the new Xbox console was even manufactured in China. But that shouldn't surprise anyone. Most products in American stores today or not made in America. The products are often manufactured in countries that hate everything America stands for.

This begs the question of why anyone would run out and stand in a long line for 4 hours like a slave in order to buy a product like this from Microsoft. The answer is because people are brainwashed.

Any intelligent person knows that the graphics on Xbox 360 are not revolutionary compared to its predecessor. The graphics are still 3D, more enhanced 3D, but still 3D. The difference between Xbox and Xbox 360 is not the same as Xbox and the Super Nintendo.

Therefore a $599.00 price tage is ridiculous. What is even more revealing is how the system has suddenly become "rare" and "hard to find". People are selling Xbox 360s on Ebay for thousands of dollars, and people are paying it because the stores don't have them.

Do you think this is an accident? In economics it is called supply and demand, artificial scarcity. Microsoft has plenty of Xbox 360 consoles, but there is more money to be made by reducing supply and increasing demand.

Now it is on the mainstream news that Xbox 360 consoles have overheating problems and freeze during gameplay. A man in Chicago has filed a class action lawsuit against the software company. It doesn't surprise me the console is poorly designed. It was manufactured in a country that has poor human rights values.