Monday, December 12, 2005

America Slipping towards a Totalitarian Society

It is in my firm opinion that Americans live in some of the most dangerous times our country has ever seen. The evidence is overwhelming that the land of the free and home of the brave is slowly becoming the land of the not so free or brave.

As 2005 comes to a close, and many people at home enjoy the holidays, I'm taking the time to reflect over the many events that have happened this year. 2005 has been an interesting year, to say the least.

Back in June, a law was passed called Eminent Domain which allows private real estate developers to force people off their land if they choose to build a casino or resort hotel. This is totally against the Constitution of the United States, which says that private property may be taken from citizens ONLY IF it is for developement for public use.

Congress also recently passed a law making it difficult for Americans to file bankruptcy in order to get out of debt. You would think this would raise eyebrows, but instead statistics show that Americans are spending record amounts this holiday season, putting themselves into debt that will take most of next year to pay off.

Along with this the city of San Francisco passed a handgun ban of all firearms for citizens in the city limits who are not military or police officers. Add to this the record layoffs reported by many US companies this year and the increasing cost of gasoline and education, along with CAFTA being passed.

Any intelligent person who takes all these puzzle pieces and puts them together gets a terrifying picture. A picture of a republic in decline. Everyday the freedoms which many Americans take for granted are slowly but surely being eroded.

The sad thing is many don't even notice it. Americans go on shopping and engaging in everyday affairs not realizing the poison that is slowly killing them. When you talk about conspiracy, people tell you you're a kook. But this is all part of psychological conditioning by those who rule our society.

I challenge people to become informed and find out what is really happening to our world. I tell you, it is a lot different than what your nightly news show is telling you. And what you will discover is that things are ten times worse than you could ever imagine.

It has been said that fact is stranger than fiction, and whoever said that is right. The stuff that really goes on in our world is stranger than any movie your could ever see, book you could ever read, or game you could ever play.


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